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SB Audio Ltd

Professional audio mastering and re-mixing by our experienced producers. We also sell the products we use and love at great prices with a personal service. Contact us with any questions or send your tracks for our comments and free advice.

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Custom made, Satin Nickel NR47 with Mullard tube. £750 or £850 for the copper plated, Telefunken valve version.

Buy Nickel NR47 £750 glimmer twins 3 Buy copper NR47 £850

SUPER ROCK Monitors by Unity Audio. Buy a pair now for £4248 inc Vat and delivery. 8 inch SEAS custom aluminium woofers with superb quality Mundorf ribbon tweeters. A new standard for studio monitors.The Rocks are great...these are even better.

Buy Pair Super Rocks £4248


Under the Studio, Monitors, Kush Audio and Mics tabs this weekend only, watch out for some really special :